Most people pursuing an insurance career only think about becoming insurance agents. But some are concerned about how to become a claims adjuster. Well, claims adjusters are in demand because most adjusters are retiring out of the industry, and claims remain steady. If you can work with many people and have good work ethics, you can easily become an insurance adjuster. This article explains what you need to do to become an insurance adjuster.

  1. Complete Your Education

To become an adjuster, you should have at least a high school diploma or GED equivalent. However, some employers may not employ you if you don’t have a degree. But the good news is that even without a degree, you can still get licensing. If you don’t have a high school diploma, you must take a GED course and pass its exam.

  1. Choose The Type Of Adjuster You Want To Be

Many types of insurance adjuster positions are available, and you need to select one of them because it’ll influence the steps you take and the career path you follow. It’ll also give you an idea of what to expect when looking for a job. The types of adjusters include;

  1. Staff Adjuster

This is the most popular insurance claim adjuster. They hand the staff of insurance companies and perform claims on behalf of the company’s clients. Most staff adjusters work full time and get other allowances apart from their salaries. The most popular types of adjusters are those who work for auto insurance companies and handle claims related to car accidents.

  1. Independent Adjuster

Independent adjusters work independently for many insurance companies and third-party organizations. An insurance company hires them to do claims investigations and make appropriate decisions. They mostly handle catastrophe-related claims like fires, hurricanes, and other natural disasters that affect many people. They must travel to the affected areas while performing their duties.

  • Public Adjusters

They work directly for people with policies. You can hire them to fight for you when you’re not satisfied with your insurance claims.

  1. Take An Insurance Licensing Course And Exam

Most states require adjusters to have a license. Some have minimal requirements, while others may need you take a course and pass its exam before receiving your license. You can pursue several licensing courses that are offered online and in the classroom.

If you intend to work in other states, you may also need to obtain licenses that operate in those states. However, you can only do that after getting a Designated Home State (DHS) license. Therefore, ensure that you research your state’s license requirements to know what you need to do to obtain an adjuster’s license.

  1. Maintain Licensure

Once you’ve obtained an adjuster’s license, you need to maintain it by continuing your education. You may have to take credits from online or live courses. If you’re lucky enough, you may get the license by offering training sessions, giving lectures about the insurance claims industry, or publishing articles. Check with your state to know the requirements you need to fulfill to maintain licensure.


Becoming an adjuster isn’t that difficult. In fact, in the insurance industry, it’s one of the areas that’s high in demand. By following these four steps, you’ll succeed in becoming an insurance adjuster.

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