Even 10 years ago, the average time for signing a document, from start to finish, took 5 days. Now, the signing time has been reduced to 37 minutes. How? Thanks to the introduction of an electronic signature. Thus, every year, more and more companies are converting all documentation into electronic form. The introduction of electronic signatures is becoming an indispensable part of the modernization process.

Why Do You Need It?

We live in the digital era when all processes, including document flow, are moving into the electronic space. An electronic signature is required to verify electronic documents.

Electronic signature (or, shortly, e-signature) is the newest signing technology that allows you to validate agreements, contracts, and other papers in electronic format. It is officially regulated and approved by the government of the USA and several other countries. So, this type of signature is a legally binding basis for the approval of the document.

Not as Difficult as You Think

If you need to sign a document, just follow the easy steps below:

  •  Open the document (contract, agreement, etc.) you need to sign
  •  Write your name in the corresponding input field
  •  Read the document carefully and figure out the sign place(s)
  •  Upload or draw your signature by pressing the «Add» button
  •  Check all the data and press «Done»

You can simply create an e-signature on any desktop or mobile device in a few ways:

  •  Write it down by finger or stylus (on a touchpad or tablet)
  •  Create a signature using a mouse
  •  Type it (your name or initials) on the keyboard and then choose the corresponding font (called «signature») to make it look like a handwritten one
  •  Write it on the sheet of paper and scan it and upload it to the resource

Choose the Best

SignNow is a reputable cloud-based provider of an electronic signature. This company has firmly established itself in the service market in less than 10 years. It was established by  Andrew Ellis and Chris Hawkins in 2011. But now, the company has over 700 employees worldwide.

Currently, SignNow cooperates with more than 40 industries and has over 20 million users worldwide, including such reputable titles as Evotec and Xerox.

Year after year, the company has expanded and received diverse awards and accolades from users.


If you upload an electronic signature with the help of SignNow or another resource, there are several advantages over the handwritten way of signing.

  1.  A higher level of security. In electronic format, your data is more secure. The likelihood of forging your signature is minimal, unlike a handwritten version. Any methods of forging data or opening and downloading documents with your signature without your knowledge will be automatically recognized.

Moreover, the SignNow website owns an SSL certificate. Secure Socket Layer is a reliable encrypting technology that keeps your data protected and uncovered. Therefore, you may not worry about the safety and security of entered information.

  1.  Speeding up the workflow. The electronic format requires only a couple of minutes to sign documents instead of days and weeks with paper contracts. This feature significantly saves time and allows you to complete more deals within the same time.

Also, communication with foreign partners can be established since the borders of states do not matter for the speed and time of signing a deal.

  1.  Convenience. Thanks to the responsive layout of the SignNow platform, it is comfortable to use on any device. It allows you to view, download, and sign documents on the go in a matter of seconds. It does not matter if you have a tablet or mobile, Android, or iOS.
  1.  Reduced cost. Electronic contracts do not require the use of a printer, copier, or scanner. Digital format also helps significantly reduce paper consumption, which lowers the company’s spending.
  1.  Fewer mistakes. It has been scientifically proven that the number of errors in handwritten documents is almost twice as high as in electronic ones. SignNow has the auto-completing option for a word in the case of a misspelling, as well as many templates for all kinds of documents. These features significantly increase quality.

Why SignNow?

At the moment, many similar companies provide electronic signature services. How to choose the best resource? Let’s look at the peculiarities of SignNow.

A broad assortment of features.

SignNow offers 26 different plan features for you to use. There are:

  •  unlimited templates
  •  specific template order
  •  bulk invite
  •  mobile application
  •  additional fillable payment field
  •  personalized branding
  •  automatized notifications
  •  history tracking
  •  PDF editor
  •  cloud storage importing

You may ask for additional options if you need it. Just reach out to contact managers by live chat.

For comparison, SignNow’s Business package offers 13 features, instead of 4 provided by DocuSign and PandaDoc.

Attractive pricing.

The service offers 3 packages of services. They differ in cost and the set of features. The first plan is called Business. It costs from $8 per month. It is considered one of the lowest prices on the market (considering PandaDoc’s $19, HelloSign’s $13, DocuSign’s $10, PDFiller’s $20 requirements). It includes 13 options.

The second layer is called Business Premium, and it costs $15. It includes 17 features (13 extended options from the Business package and 4 unique ones).

The broadest plan is the Enterprise. For the pricing of $30, it provides 26 features (17 from the Business Premium plan and 9 more).

If you hesitate about which plan to choose, you may take a 7-day free trial. Test all the functions free of charge and pick up the most suitable pricing type for your business.

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