The data science job is becoming as one of the most opted career options across the globe. The growing technology is helping the organization to acquire exponential growth in no time which is increasing the demand for a data scientist. However, people are still unaware of the details of the hottest job of this century that is changing the business approach. More and more people are getting attracted towards the data science due to bug paychecks and inspiring work. If you are among those who are looking to make their career in data science in 2018 so here are the 10 steps to become a data scientist in 2018.


1.Statistics, Algebra and ML skills are necessary

A data scientist needs to have a great knowledge of mathematics and software stop for the work of data science. You need to better at both the skills and make sure you possess a right amount of skills set not so much or not below the bar so you can perfectly eligible for the job. Both Machine learning and mathematics have an important role in the data science.


2.Fall in Love with Big Data

The job of data scientist moves around the data all the time and the data available cannot be computed using a single system. In order to handle the huge amount of segregated and unsegregated data, you need to learn some of the popular big data tools. There online courses available for Hadoop, Spark, and MapReduce.


3.Acquire Deep knowledge of database

In order to store and analyze the huge data most of the companies uses database management system. So, it makes necessary for you have a good hold on the DBMS. In large organizations, the data is generated every single minute and companies use database management tools like MySQL and Cassandra.


4.Learn To Code

Yeah, we know you don’t like coding and you thought the data scientist don’t have write codes. But, there are some parts of work where you will be dealing with core functionalities of systems that require to understand the codes and even make changes in it.


5.Learn Mugging And Visualizing the Data

The one of the basic skill that you will be needing is massaging and visualizing the data and patterns in your head to look for the solution. You may have powerful computers and software with you easy down your work but you need to be very smart with data analyzing as the end of you will be the one to come up with the growth of the company.

6.Start Working on the Real projects

Once you done with all the above steps and acquire skills and learning to explore the world of data sciences jump into the work. You need to work on real projects, initially under the guidance of some experts to enhance your skill and know how it exactly works.


7.Look Out For Knowledge Everywhere

You need to be very open-minded with your work when you are working as a data scientist is necessary to look out for every possible way to get the solution. Whenever working in a team try to interact with everyone and give attention to everyone’s thoughts and suggestion. The collective efforts are the best way to collect big and complicated task in the shortest time.


8.Communication Skills

Communicating Skills are also necessary as you are going to interact with stakeholders, company officials and some other useful resources.


  1. Be Competitive

The only skill that most of the data scientist forget to work on while their journey is being competitive. Make sure you have that spark of competition in yourself to push your limits every time. More and more people are joining the profession which makes it more competing job than ever.






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