The most common injury that happens in a public place is the slip and fall injury. One might not see the injury coming as it might occur due to the negligence of the other party. While working in a store, you might be indulged in some talks and miss a step, or you might not see the wire hanging around, which might trip you over. It can be a simple injury or a fatal injury resulting in a lifetime scar or physical deformity.

Slip and fall can show up due to a variety of reasons, and if the incident occurred because of the other party’s fault, you must hire a lawyer and file for compensation. Here’s how you can avoid such injuries by taking proactive measures at your workplace.

Avoid coming in contact with wet/slippery floor

Cleaning is a significant part of your workplace. Walking areas are mostly in contact with every employee, and if the floor remains moist due to cleaning or weather conditions, one must take care of it.

Premise owners can use anti-slip paint in areas more prone to tripping and should use adhesive stripping material to reduce such mishaps. Using wet floor signs would indicate employees to be more careful while walking.

Ensure proper lighting at stores

Working for hours in a store tends to be cumbersome for your health. But the store where you work must ensure lighting is proper as dull lighting can lead to falls. Maintain suitable light fittings in stairways and walkways.

Exercise a new fitting if any of the light switches or wires are malfunctioned. Do not have any clutter in a darker area.

Be alert while you walk around

Humans tend to neglect, and this negligence costs them always. People tend to get distracted with inner thoughts or talk while walking with a colleague, missing a step where you might be slipped and fell down in a store.

Avoid using mobile phones while walking, lifting of heavy objects by self, speeding away, taking shortcuts, and not using the designated pathway.

Proper housekeeping

If the store you work in is clean, you will get a safe environment to work in. So, make sure you follow good hygiene practices, and actively complain if the company or staff is not doing so.

Also, individual cleanliness is paramount. Don’t have clutter all around due to which others might get hurt as well. Be organized and systematic.

Have pathways and walkways clutter-free

The aisle or walkway area is meant for walking purposes. Cluttering it with all materials, equipment might lead to any uncalled harm.

Have a proper tidy place for all unwanted belongings. Avoid leaving cords or wires loosely in the corridor or pathway.

Proper footwear

Wearing suitable footwear at the store is an excellent practice to follow. High heels or loose shoelaces might lead to tripping.

Wearing the right shoe for the assigned duty is very crucial, and it must be taken into consideration after a slip fall injury happens.

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