You have a lot to think about before you get started at nursing school. Sure, you’ve been told it’s going to be a challenge unlike any you’ve met up until now. Ask anyone who’s taken the program and they’re likely to give you all kinds of stories from the pragmatic to the fantastic, none of which can really prepare you for the rigors of the coursework you’re about to take on and the levels of stress you may find yourself wrestling with on a routine basis.

Pursuing a bachelor of science in nursing at UC Santa Barbara or working on Maryville’s dnp degree online can get you started on a long and rewarding career. These are five ways you can be mentally and physically ready to work hard and achieve your goals as you enter nursing school.

1. Temper Your Expectations

Whatever you picture nursing school to be like, put it out of your head now. It’s going to be unlike anything you’ve imagined and it may very well exceed some of those expectations and fail to live up to others. The key is to have an open mind, check your predispositions at the door, and be ready to jump into the experience full bore. It’s a very different thing to hear second-hand accounts about nursing school and live through it yourself.

2. You Won’t Be Perfect

You’ve probably maintained an ideal grade point average throughout your college career. But don’t expect to be a straight A student in nursing school. In fact, it’s more than likely you’re not going to maintain that 4.0 average that you were so proud of up until now. Some of the smartest and most well-prepared students pull B’s and C’s in nursing school and it’s better that you come to terms with that eventuality now, before you start your classes. Driving yourself to keep that perfect record will only burn you out faster. Study and work hard but don’t be too hard on yourself if your grade point average is less than perfect.

3. Finish Your Prerequisite Courses

You’ve probably been working hard to complete this part of the process for those who might need a subtle reminder, if you haven’t finished meeting the necessary requirements to attend the nursing program you’ve chosen you won’t be able to move forward. Here is where you should be putting the most emphasis on your grade point average; otherwise your plans could be derailed.

4. The TEAS Test

The ATI Nursing Education Test of Essential Academic Skills is crucial to preparing for nursing school. This is the test that you are given to take stock of your abilities in general subjects like math, science, reading comprehension, and proficiency with the English language. Without a good score on the TEAS Test, you could find yourself having a tough time getting into the school you want. So it’s important that you study and pass this exam.

5. Get All Your Shots

Talk to your admissions counselor to find out which immunizations are necessary to get before you enter nursing school. These will be a critical factor in keeping you healthy as you will be exposed to all forms of bacteria and germs while you’re participating in a nursing program. Some of the immunizations that every student makes sure to get updated on are tetanus, mumps, rubella, meningitis, and Hepatitis B, among others.

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